There are two groups of designers that can afford to work from atop their high horse: those in the tiny club which have typefaces and schools named after them and those that live in their parents’ basement.

In other words, unless you are design royalty with Fortune 100 companies clamoring to have the privilege of your services, you can’t be a complete snob about your design work. If you insist on letting your ego rule the day, call Mom and Dad, because you won’t have a job.

Here We Are

Before I go too far, let me define terms. Design is a verb. I know we’re all guilty of using it as a noun (myself included), but it truly isn’t. In my thinking, design is the decision-making process of applying visual elements and principles to achieve a solution product. When a designer lets their personal style and preferences drive a solution, rather than the needs of a project, that is design ego on display. It is selfish, immature, and a disservice to both client and project.

Sadly, it really is an easy habit to form. It generally begins with the way we’re taught...

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