This article is a bit of therapy for myself. If you'll bear with me while I lie down and think aloud from this online therapist couch, perhaps you'll have some revelations as well. Though I'm now fully engrossed in the web on a daily basis, my background spans from print to retail to product design. Some of you have had a single career path; but myself, I'm one of those design mutts – lovable and full of tricks but a hard-to-follow bloodline.

If your background is similar to mine, you might find yourself a little self-conscious, especially when you choose to pursue a more specialized field. When you look around and see a landscape of industry-leading thoroughbreds, it's intimidating. How did I land here? Can I cut it?

Those questions haunted me in my first few months at Sparkbox. In my view, coming from the outside in, Sparkbox was one of the best in the business (I still believe that, by the way); and Ben Callahan, who invited me to become a member of this talented team, was among the more challenging thinkers in the industry. He asked me to come on board at a time when my previous web experience was limited, but I was drawn to it. He believed in me, but I didn't entirely believe in myself. I felt like the web was the right ecosystem for me, but I couldn't quite figure out why...

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