In an internet sea of crap and kittens, a couple nuggets of truth have floated to the surface recently. Both nuggets are aimed at a fairly specific target audience: young people entering the work force. This is a particular interest of mine, as I love working with our Sparkbox apprentices, and I’ve been intentionally working with newer talent throughout my career.

These recent truth bombs—which I'll explore in detail below—hit me pretty hard. They both challenge some foundational concepts that we post-Baby Boomers have been taught, atomic elements of the world view we’ve been raised on.

The first blow to the Generation X and Y collective egos came from and blew up on the Huffington Post:

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

I love this article. Not in a vindictive, “Yeah, tell those other people what’s wrong with them,” sort of way. More in a, “So that’s what we’ve been missing,” sort of way...

Original post continued on Sparkbox's blog, The Foundry. Read the full article