Missionary Prince

Bread is one thing, stone is another. I once saw a stone with gold in it and they told me it was worth more than a barrel of flour. But when I am hungry I cannot eat that stone, I must have bread. So my soul cannot be satisfied with anything but Jesus, the bread of life.
— Samuel Morris

Samuel Kaboo Morris (1873 – May 12, 1893) was a Liberian prince who converted to Christianity around the age of 14. Around age 18, he left Liberia for the United States to achieve an education and arrived at Taylor University in December 1891. There is now a residence hall at Taylor University bearing his name. He died in 1893 from complications of a respiratory infection.

Morris's life has been the subject of five novels, over a dozen biographies, a 1954 film, and a 1988 documentary. Taylor University has named numerous buildings, scholarships, and a society in his honor. His story helped to inspire other people to go to Africa to preach the gospel.

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