Our Foster Care Experience: 2016 Video

Melissa and I encourage you to watch this six-minute video about our experience with and our heart for foster care.

Our family became a foster family in December of 2013. That means that kids have come to live with us for a time when their families are not able to safely care for them. We have always struggled to succinctly communicate the experience and motivation behind fostering. This video tells some of our story and does it very well.

We are so thankful for Apex Anthologies, the story telling ministry of our church, Apex Community. Our friends, Molly Bellanco and Ben Riggs working through that ministry, created this wonderful video from our family's story. If you are encouraged by our story, you must visit the Anthologies site to see dozens more like it.

Our Adoption Experience: 2018 Podcast

Melissa and I had the opportunity to share our hearts for foster care and adoption on a podcast recorded with Phillip Osterday and Jason Zastrow of our church. You can find the original podcast here in Apex’s Anthologies. Or you can listen to it directly in three parts here:

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I do not post these things for our glory. Please, do not celebrate us. Join us in caring for the fatherless. 

Apex has a wonderful resource on their site describing many ways you can get involved in Orphan Care. Fostering is one of many ways. I'd encourage you to learn more about Prevention, Providing, Partnering, and Parenting for these kids in need.

Lastly, please know that if you want to learn more about our story, fostering, or orphan care in general, Melissa or I would love to talk with you. I'm open to speaking to your church, to your family, or just talking on the phone.

Thanks for your interest in our story. It is a small part of the story God is writing among all of us, and I look forward to seeing what He does next.